Through its strong name, its experienced and keen staff and its powerful existence within the local market, CARGOLINE LOGISTICS has built up an excellent reputation and has become a market leader.

Nevertheless, the company owes a great share of its success to its well known and established principals and partners around the world such as DACHSER GMBH in Germany, EXCEL SHIPPING in the U.K, FORMOSA TRANSPORTATION in China and Taiwan, CARGA NV in Belgium and TUVIA SPA in Italy.

By being backed up by such well known establishments within the global freight forwarding and shipping sector, CARGOLINE LOGISTICS can assure its valuable clientele that they will receive the utmost in all services offered.

CARGOLINE LOGISTICS is constantly working very hard for the best interests of its principals. The company has great interest and an aggressive approach to market research, thus it regularly scans the local market on behalf of its valuable principals.

The company employs a team of well experienced marketers which are always out and about canvassing in order to acquire new cargo bookings, new contracts and more shipments as time goes by. The market research department of the company can provide its principals with valuable information on cargo movement, local market trends and basically what competition is up to, which assists its principals in strategy planning and control